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" Most children have no idea where their food is from. But every meal leaves a footprint. It’s time we helped every child to understand it. " - Adam Henson

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We want all children to know where the food on their plate is from.




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Following the lead of Co-op Childcare nurseries, help us ensure every child knows where their food is from.

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Co-op Childcare are a leading, ethical and member-owned childcare business. They are dedicated to caring for children and their development, as well as the community and the environment. They operate nurseries nationwide and their highly skilled and qualified teams provide children with a happy and stimulating environment designed to give the very best start in life.


One of the ways Co-op Childcare can bring this to life with children is at mealtimes. Their practitioners sit down with them and talk about the food on the table. Open-ended questions such as ‘where do you think this comes from?’ and ‘what ingredients are in this meal?’ encourage them to think about what they’re eating and where it was grown or reared.


At Co-op Childcare, food is an important part of making sure little ones are happy and healthy. Their Healthy Living and Wellbeing Programme focuses on children learning about where their food comes from through a variety of fun and educational activities. We’re thrilled to be partnered with Co-op Childcare, as together we are working towards their nursery menus becoming 100% food transparent. This means they will know exactly how and where all their ingredients come from.

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Our ambition is to be known as a different kind of childcare provider, a successful values driven business that delivers great experiences and is not just reactive but proactive when it comes to delivering what matters to children, members, colleagues and communities.

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The role we play in early years for the health of future generations and connecting children to food origins, not only builds an understanding of food sources but by teaching children where food comes from also lays the foundations for making healthy eating choices and making healthy connections before entering school.

Sally Bonnar
COO Co-op Childcare
February 2020

The food industry remains one of the least transparent and we are not told the origins of most of the ingredients in our food. Children are particularly susceptible to buying into brands and clever marketing because they do not know or understand better.

Matthew Rymer
Happerley CEO
February 2020

The appreciation and understanding of food starts with children simply knowing how and where the ingredients on their plate were produced, but they don’t. They have no idea. Every school dinner has a story to tell - a journey. It leaves a footprint. We need every child to explore it and be inspired and learn from it.

Adam Henson
TV Presenter & Cotswold Farmer
February 2020